Crystical Express
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Game Description

Crystical Express

You have to create lines of 3 identical items. For this you can only swap the positions of two blocks side by side: careful, time is running!

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Crystical Express Review

Pixel Queen
Pixel Queen


A Shimmering Match-3 Challenge with Crystical Express

Crystical Express offers a delightful match-3 experience that pits players against the clock as they swap adjacent blocks to line up three identical gems. The challenge intensifies as I found myself striving to beat my high score, while being aware that time was slipping away. It’s a captivating dance of strategy and speed, as you can only swap tiles that are side by side, making every move count.

The game brings a revitalizing update to the classic Crystical series. The whimsical charm of trying to outmaneuver the computer adds an engaging twist, although occasionally the game seems to have a mind of its own – sometimes leading to unexpectedly high scores followed by a surprising freeze.

The catchy (if not haunting to some) soundtrack adds to the enigmatic atmosphere, and while occasional glitches are noted, they don’t detract from the overall enjoyment. Crystical Express is a gem among match-3 games, inviting players to indulge in a dazzling puzzle challenge. gem-stone
Review 100 - Crystical Express

Game Comments

but an easy probblem to solve smile


that song on there just give me nightmares now rolleyes

Rosebud, the same thing happened to me, yesterday … my score was also >10 billion; but, we both know that's only because the game malfunctioned AND, it continued to malfunction even when I closed out of the tab and reopened a new one. So, I'd say this game is kaput! Have you tried Christmas Bubbles (, I'm hooked! lollol

Hi. Have just played this game a few times and like it. just played and it continued for ages
score = 10117650 x8.. THEN it froze with one column turning black.
A. will never score like that again. B. am a curious Aussie.. anyone else have this happen.
Thanks in advance for reply

Oh now it has lol faceplant

My high score didn't register?


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