Sweet Shuffle
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Game Description

Sweet Shuffle

Click and drag a candy to an adjacent position to swap its position with another candy. You can also click a candy and then click an adjacent candy instead if you do not wish to drag. Match 3 or more candies of the same type to remove them from the board. Matching more than 3 candies will leave a special candy in their place. Remove wrapped candies to earn extra moves. Remove cookies by making matches next to them. Make as many matches as possible before running out of moves to maximize your score.

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Sweet Shuffle Review

Maria G
Maria G


A Sugary Puzzle Adventure Awaits in Sweet Shuffle

Dove into Sweet Shuffle and got a taste of this candy-swapping frenzy. It's a classic match-3 that hits the sweet spot between casual fun and strategizing those power candy moves. Sure, it's a familiar recipe, but cooking up large combos left me both satisfied and craving more. Heard mixed chatter in the candy community—some got a sugar rush, others a toothache from the challenge. If you're itching for similar confectionery conquests, give Candy Riddles a whirl!
Review 55 - Sweet Shuffle

Game Comments

Woo Hoo ... 68,680 ... about 10,000 less than my best! rocks lollol cool


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