Arkadium's Bubble Shooter
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Game Description

Arkadium's Bubble Shooter

Match three or more bubbles of the same color to clear them and increase your score, but remember to bounce off the walls for hard-to-reach shots! By bursting lightning bubbles, you'll be able to clear entire rows. Also, keep an eye on how many bubbles you have left to make every shot count.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Arkadium's Bubble Shooter Review

Alex 'Gaming Guru'
Alex 'Gaming Guru'


Bursting with Fun in Arkadium's Bubble Shooter


Jumped into Arkadium's Bubble Shooter with a simple aim: match and burst bubbles, and oh boy, was it a popping sensation! The strategy to bounce bubbles off the walls for those tricky shots? Genius. I felt like a pool pro lining up the perfect angle. And when you hit those lightning bubbles for a big clear, the feeling is electric!

Fellow bubble bursters on Play123 shared the joy, with scores flying high and enthusiasm bubbling over. A bit of a bummer about no leaderboard here to show off those proud numbers, but that certainly doesn't stop the fun. 'Let's get popping!' indeed, as one dives into a joyful haze of bubble shooting.

In terms of feedback, the experience seems nothing less than delight. Players are engaging, and with every shot, the eagerness for that 'next' best score grow. So, give it a go, aim carefully, and let those bubbles pop!

Game Comments

78040 first attempt

27890 jeu intéressant mais comme dit 4vrMignon dommage qu'on ne peut voir les scores de notre progression ni se mesurer à d'autres joueurs

Why has this been changed??? It is one of my favourite games & now it won't let me click on!!!

621740 smile

336, 920 - hey good score! clap

I've played this game on Arkadium's site. Its a unique bubble shooting game. Too bad there's no leader board, on that site, there is one. cool


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