Mahjongg Dimensions
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Game Description

Mahjongg Dimensions

Combine 2 of the same stones to remove them from the board. Stones need to have at least 2 free (adjacent) sides.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

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Mahjongg Dimensions Review

Maria G
Maria G


A Whirl Through the 3D Puzzling World of Mahjongg Dimensions

So I just dove into Mahjongg Dimensions over at Play123 and, man, it's like your classic Mahjong got a facelift and a gym membership. You basically pair up stones with at least 2 free sides – sounds simple, right? But twist! It's in 3D, so you're spinning this block of tiles like a DJ, hunting for matches.

Okay, so first time I tried it, didn't exactly break the scoreboard – it's trickier than it looks, folks. I've seen scores on there that had me spinning more than the game board (shoutout to GirafeLady – teach me your ways!). Some fellow gamers are begging for a leaderboard, and I'm here nodding my head. Come on, how am I supposed to brag if there's no proof?

There's this addictive 'one more go' vibe, but after a few rounds, you might find it a smidge repetitive. And hey, no shade, but if long-haul gaming marathons are your jam, this might not be the endless entertainment you're dreaming of. But for a quick puzzling session to keep those synapses firing? Totally worth the click.
Review 19 - Mahjongg Dimensions

Game Comments

36150 second try today

32395 haven't played for months


34600 my first time. I have a long way to go to catch the rest of you.

1st time trying this game.

Outstanding score GirafeLady! clap

49,975 big-smilie

46,975 wink




wish this game had a Leaderboard

36,344 smile

2nd time playing = 37, 350, woo-hooo!

1st time playing this game = 30,125

Nice one Lalin!!

36,500 !! I'm on a roll!! lol

34,100. I wish they had leaderboard.

34,800 best score I've had in a long long time big-smilie

32,450 today

41,350 yippee! lol

34450 my personal best I believe

32,400 personal best.

31,200 smile



Number of votes: 38