Tri Peaks Solitaire
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Game Description

Tri Peaks Solitaire

Clear all three card peaks to win by moving cards from the pyramid to your hand, and wake up your brain with this new take on the classic card game.

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Tri Peaks Solitaire Review



Refreshing Twist on a Classic with Tri Peaks Solitaire


I've been enjoying my time with Tri Peaks Solitaire on Play123, finding it a refreshing twist on the classic card game. It's not just your typical solitaire – it requires you to think a step ahead and strategically clear all three card-peaks to claim victory. The excitement of moving cards from the pyramid to your hand truly wakes up your brain...

Other players seem to agree, acknowledging that while it's a game of chance, the occasional wait for the perfect deck adds to the addictive nature. Plus, the desire for more rounds speaks volumes about its engaging gameplay. It's heartening to see that you can add your score to a leaderboard, bringing in a competitive edge to the game, making it all the more thrilling to play.

In short, if you're tired of the standard Solitaire and looking for a challenging yet pleasurable pastime, give Tri Peaks Solitaire a try. It's quite the card game experience with just the right balance of skill and luck involved.

Game Comments

zane!..In total agreement with you. I hope you did not find my previous comment too disparaging? It was not meant that way at all. Truly, this is by far my favourite game on here smile

An addictive game...but less about skill and more about waiting for the right deck to come along.

great game would like more rounds


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