Mahjongg Dark Dimensions
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Game Description

Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

Variant on Mahjongg Dimensions game, with special bonus tiles. Combine 2 of the same stones to remove them from the board. Stones need to have at least 2 free (adjacent) sides. Combine 2 bonus tiles for extra time.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

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Mahjongg Dark Dimensions Review

James D
James D


Challenging Puzzle with a Timely Twist

Just rolled up my sleeves for another round of Mahjongg Dark Dimensions and like my morning coffee, it's a ritual I can't skip. The special bonus tiles? They're like finding an extra shot of espresso – a welcome boost! The clock's always ticking, reminiscent of that race against my phone's dying battery. Sure, some folks griped about sudden ads, others chatted scores like they were swapping fish tales. Me? I'm here humming 'beat the clock' while strategizing my next tile match, obsessed with crushing my personal best. I caught myself fist-pumping at a smooth move – yep, it's that engaging! For a similar brain-teaser, check out Jewelish, it's a gem!

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101,725 today

100225, been a while since hitting 100k+

this game is way too short

This game reminds me of running on empty. You have a little gas in your tank, you have a ways to go, you fill up a little every so often but never enough to fill confident you'll have enough to continue. crazy

108,450 New P.B. yay

Thanks dartingray! love

WTG 4vrCute!!!

W-O-W 74,925 THIS TIME! Woo Hoo! rocks smile_xd whistling2

Woo Hoo ... 68,175 best score on this version! I'm improving!!! clap rocks smile_xd

Wow! 46, 230 my best on this version! Woo Hoo! big-smilie

39,180 - My best on this version! unsure

I don't know how you all get these amazing scores ... I'm still in the 20k range. Congrats on your amazing feat! worship

106,350 new PB yay

103,700 New PB for me!

103,325 new P.B.!

I understand that adverts must be played to pay for these free games, but, I really object to them popping up midgame when you're on the count down!!

102,600 new P.B. x

101,900 new P.B. for me x

98,275 new P.B. for me x

Wow I think the game has changed!
Not the same game

97,700 new P.B.

96,850 my personal best x


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