Pool 8 Ball
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Game Description

Pool 8 Ball

Get a cue! Classic billiards is back and better than ever. Choose from two challenging game modes against an AI opponent, with several customizable features. Elaborate, rich visuals show your ball’s path and give you a realistic feel for where it’ll end up. The best part: It’s free!

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Pool 8 Ball Review

Alex 'Gaming Guru'
Alex 'Gaming Guru'


Fun and Engaging Virtual Pool Experience

Stepping into the virtual pool hall of Pool 8 Ball was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. The game offers two game modes that are challenging yet fair, giving both beginners and seasoned pool players a chance to shine. With its rich visuals and realistic trajectories, I felt like I was right by the pool table, calculating my every shot. While the AI does pose a worthy opponent, I appreciated the added difficulty—it pushed me to improve my strategies ... I've noticed that I'm not alone in enjoying the clear ball markings and user-friendly gameplay; others have found it easier to navigate compared to other online pool games. The simple joys like executing a perfect spin or outsmarting the computer make every match exciting. If I had one wish, it'd be to score higher than the AI more consistently, but as they say, practice makes perfect! And hey, if you manage to confuse the computer–it's like a little victory dance in itself.
Review 98 - Pool 8 Ball

Game Comments

just played mr hard game whitewash him score 30,500

just beat Mr Medium 100 Games to 27 thats all 3 of them easy peasy,What about organising a challenge between myself a mr Alex Gaming Guru.

Just beat mr easy 100-24

just beat mr hard game 100-29

another white wash 30,200

just scored 32,500 play against hard .

just a pity the table and cueing badly calibrated,

just scored 30,200 gave him a white wash.

Why would i want to go on a ski holiday at 80 years old

just scored 25,800 points computer nothing, my game scoring now 48- computer 28

Why not put your scores on here in comments,that way we can see how well everyones doing. at the moment im leading 25 to17.

yup its fun to confuse computer,much better than king pool games.

I don't mind a view commercials playing pool, but what is maddening when aiming the cue ball and during the shot it is interrupted by a darn commercial.
There is a time to show commercials but not " Interrupting a shot in process " !!!
I know there is a time to make money, but also keeping players happy should be the case !

John the english does work, you just need to adjust the strength. Its not as accurate as if you were playing in person. The most difficult thing about this game is the computer rarely misses & you must be an accomplished player to beat it. This game is much easier to play than many other 8ball games on this site. cool

I like the 8 Ball Pool Hall, but your english effect does not work effectively, I am impressed with the overall play action, numbers on balls are highly visible. smile)

This is the best billiard game on this site. You can use the english effectively, there isn't way too many ads, using the cue isn't difficult & you can mute the music. The only thing I don't like is my score isn't kept.

Its fun to beat the computer! clap


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