9 Ball Pool
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Game Description

9 Ball Pool

How fast can you pot the 9 ball?

The 9 Ball Pool game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

9 Ball Pool Review



Pocketing Fun with Virtual Cues


Just played 9 Ball Pool and it's like having a pool table in your pocket! It's pretty cool how you can add spin by pressing the mouse on the little red circle – makes you feel like a pro pool player. I've seen a bunch of players talking about the improved English on the cue ball, and it's a nice touch, definitely adds to the strategy.

For those who love playing pool tables, 9 Ball Pool delivers a good time. You're on a clock and you've gotta hit all the balls, which can get really fun and intense. It's all about how many games you can win in the time limit. Some players miss playing against real folks, which I get, but for a quick solo challenge, this hits the mark. Plus, you can keep your high scores on Play123, so that's something to aim for!

Overall, 9 Ball Pool offers a solid blend of casual play and enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. It's the perfect game for when you want to sink the 9 ball and have a quick, refreshing break.

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Game Comments

Yay, they fixed the English! - clap

takingabreak you add English on the white ball @ the bottom on the board, you just press the mouse on the red circle to direct the cue to however you wish.

There used to be a game via miniclip that you actually played another real live person, but now that site is only mobile & you can no longer play via your computer no

Yes would prefer to play against someone else and couldnt figure out why I couldn't put any English on it lol

This is a strange game, the cue ball @ the bottom seems like you can use english, yet the game won't let you. You are timed & you play all the balls. The score @ the end is how many games you're able to accomplish within the given time limit.


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