Fantasy Pyramid Solitaire
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Game Description

Fantasy Pyramid Solitaire

28 cards are dealt face up like a pyramid. The remaining cards are put aside face down. This is the so-called stock. As soon as the supply is exhausted and you cannot combine any more cards, the game ends. To win this solitaire card game, you must remove the pyramid from the table. To remove cards, combine them with the value 13. Each numbered card counts as its value.

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Fantasy Pyramid Solitaire Review

Maria G
Maria G


A Whimsical Quest to Topple a Pyramid in Fantasy Pyramid Solitaire

Ever been stranded in a fantasy world with only a deck of cards to save you? That's pretty much what Fantasy Pyramid Solitaire feels like, minus the actual stranding part. It's all about strategy and luck, as you try to oust cards by pairing them up to lucky number 13. It's not a cakewalk, though – you've gotta think ahead, or you'll end up with a maze of cards and no moves left.

I got a kick out of the mix-and-match chaos, even when the stock pile got a little stingy on me. I've seen folks around the internet echo my thoughts, minus the drama. There's a good amount of strategizing involved which makes every victory feel like a mini festival. And hitting that 'submit score' button? Such a small click, such a big rush! No wonder there's a buzz about being 'one of the best games here' in the comments. If you're looking to stretch the old brain muscles with a slice of enchanted card play, Fantasy Pyramid Solitaire is your next stop.
Review 25 - Fantasy Pyramid Solitaire

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j'adore ce jeu aussi !!! excellent !!!! clap

one of the best games here thumbup

J'adore ce jeu,merci smile


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