Solitaire Story: TriPeaks 2
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Game description

Solitaire Story: TriPeaks 2

Solving puzzles and traveling the world means endless hours of fun! Sit back and relax as you shuffle the cards and collect stars through the challenging levels of this game. Select the cards with one value higher or lower than the card you have on your deck to remove them from the board. If you can't find a suitable card for the one on your deck, then pick another one from your deck. You start with 5 lives and lose one life after reaching the end of your deck. Clear 5 cards in a row to earn extra free cards for your deck. Collect bonus items and unlock different areas, card collections, and more!

Game comments

It's too boring to have to start from the beginning. I was already at the end of the Berlin level. I will not play this game anymore

so disappointing the game wont down load what a crap game and im on 370 whats going on


Gone back to the beginning again - it's very disheartening.

Ei vaan korjaannu nämä pelit miksi?

Hei pelinrakentaja! Korjaa kuntoon nämä pelit niin voidaan pelata.

Gone back to level 20 again

Yesterday I was on level 100 and now back to 20 why?

good game but so many ads interrupt it

Getting annoyed with this now for the last few days everytime I leave the game when I log back on it takes me back to level 373 and takes my coins away I was on level 379 and had 625 coins, I've just logged back in and it has put me on 373 again and I have only 275 coins think I am going to have to stop playing this and its a shame I was really enjoying it. angry

Love Solitaire Garden but now can't play because no new levels. Disappointing!

Bien ce jeu merci

Good game !!! What a pity we can't challenge friends :-(

Muuten mukava peli, mutta ei oikein saa kointseja, että pääsis pelamaan kunnolla.

Challenging... if you were stoned. : / )

On kiva peli

On kiva peli, olen samaa mieltä kanssasi Marianne ja terveisiä sinulle

Un solitario facile, ma pochi lo giocano, ho visto!

Leuk spel!


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