Mahjong Link
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Game Description

Mahjong Link

Match open pairs of tiles to clear the board as quickly as possible.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Mahjong Link Review

Kenji T
Kenji T


A Pleasant Stint with Shanghai-style Solitaire

Diving into the world of Mahjong Link, I found myself wrapped in the classic challenge of matching open pairs of tiles, aiming to clear the board with strategy and speed. The game's objective aligns well with those seeking a Shanghai-style solitaire experience, where quick decision-making is key to success.

Engagement with the game among several players seems to oscillate, with some finding joy in the cerebral exercise it offers—applauding the gameplay with cheerful emojis. Others have expressed delight in the game's aesthetics, remarking on its 'beaux jeux' or beautiful game design. However, not all were as enthralled, with a minority wishing for a way to 'kill the music' to curate their ambiance.

While reviews are mixed, the positive sentiments underscore a pleasing casual gaming pastime, albeit with room for small enhancements. For those looking to sharpen their pattern-recognition skills or simply pass the time, Mahjong Link strikes a decent balance between challenge and relaxation. If you're seeking a similar tile-based puzzler with a bit more flair, consider checking out Mahjongg Dimensions.

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beaux jeux clap

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Pity it does not score anymore !

how do you kill the music so you can listen to something else? This is lame.

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