Kris Mahjong
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Game Description

Kris Mahjong

Clear the board by removing all pairs of identical tiles.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Kris Mahjong Review

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Kris Mahjong: A Classic Tile-Matching Challenge with a Twist


Looking for a fresh take on the traditional mahjong experience? Kris Mahjong adds just a dash of zest to the mix, tantalizing casual gamers who enjoy clearing boards full of delightful tiles. The goal is simple: remove all pairs of identical tiles, embracing the classic mahjong magic that many have come to love.

Pros: The gameplay is straightforward, with that familiar connect-the-mahjong-pieces goal. I must say there's an amusing quirk — an unexpected 'little yell' that surprises players when matching certain tiles, which adds a certain...spice to the proceedings!

Cons: Now, while the absence of hints might ramp up the challenge for some, it can leave others feeling a tad lost. And as some players have noted, the audio isn't winning any awards either.

Not every digital tile pairs perfectly, but if you're in the mood for some tile-matching fun that comes with a quirky little cheer, Kris Mahjong might just be the game to scratch that itch!

Review 141 - Kris Mahjong

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le son n'est pas terrible mais le jeu est bien !!! thumbup

4vrCute, at the time it was broken! unfortunately, I am unable to amend or delete my post whistling2

Janey, I don't understand, how is the game broken? The thing I don't like is there's no hint if you can't find something. Yet when you do there's like this little yell, which is a bit strange for fruit. Not sure why its called 'Kris Mahjong' is it this Kris that's yelling out when we remove the items? unsure

Another broken game!!! ohmy2


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