Ninja Legend
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Game Description

Ninja Legend

The position of the enemy in the front varies. Use the weapons in your hand, aim quickly, destroy them and become the strongest hero.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Ninja Legend Review

Alex 'Gaming Guru'
Alex 'Gaming Guru'


A Shuriken-Sharpened Adventure in Ninja Legend


Stepping into the shadowy shoes of a nimble-footed warrior in Ninja Legend might just be the best decision I've made today. 'Welcome to the ninja world,' they said, and what a world it is! Those varied enemy positions kept me on my toes, calculating angles like a math wizard with a black belt. The weapons at my disposal? Only as sharp as my wits – and believe me, those foes never saw me coming!

Now, comrades in the ninja arts have whispered about the adrenaline rush from all those upgrades – a unique touch that spices up each level like a ninja's secret sauce. And let's not tiptoe around the elephant in the dojo; this game is insanely fun and an absolute ninja star at killing time! It even seems like folks posing as couch-bound shinobi agree, as the buzz around those spears and knives grows more intense than a samurai stare-off. Dare to take a stab at victory and see if you can fling your way to the top of ninja notoriety...

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