Super Oscar
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Game Description

Super Oscar

Oscar and his friends are about to embark on a magical journey in Super Oscar. Join them, won't you? They're eager to start exploring a magical kingdom full of tons of golden coins, but there's just one problem: it's also inhabited by incredibly irritating amounts of enemies. They’ll need to defeat or jump over everything and everyone from angry cavemen to man-eating plants in this platform adventure game that was inspired by the side-scrolling installments of the Super Mario series. Team up with Oscar or one of his pals while they hit brick blocks, dodge bad guys, and try to reach the end of each challenging level. They can attack their enemies with fireballs and trade in their coins for new costumes and some really awesome power-ups that will improve their speed, bouncing abilities, and more!

Game Developer: GamePix

Super Oscar Review

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Super Oscar: A Nostalgic Yet Fresh Platforming Adventure


Diving into the colorful world of Super Oscar, I found myself reminiscent of classic platformers with a new-age spin. The game delivers a familiar joy, whisking players through a fantasy setting & teeming with golden coins and foes reminiscent of the iconic Super Mario Bros. With 35 levels spread across 6 maps, the game offers a decent chunk of content that kept me engaged, albeit not entirely captivated.

Admittedly, some players commented on the parallels between Super Oscar and Super Mario classics, noting the former's attempts to emulate the quintessential Mario charm. While enriched with simple, fun 2D graphics and a bevy of characters and power-ups, it falls slightly short in capturing that engaging Mario essence fully. The game is undeniably enjoyable, though, for those looking to kill time with an uncomplicated web browser platformer credited for its straightforward gameplay mechanics.

The ability to unlock characters and confront a wide array of enemies does add an element of strategy, but some may find the level design and enemy variation lacking compared to the games it draws inspiration from. Overall, Super Oscar is a commendable effort in the platforming genre but it might only resonate with a specific audience looking for a casual gaming experience without the depth and polish of its muse.

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