Tower Boxer
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Game Description

Tower Boxer

Switch sides to avoid balconies and choose your badass character in the menu and play by pressing keys left or right. What is your highscore?

Game Developer: Inlogic

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Tower Boxer Review

Digital Nomad Dave
Digital Nomad Dave


Tower of Fun with Tower Boxer


Ever wanted to let off steam by punching a building? Well, Tower Boxer lets you do just that, minus the property damage. The arcade nostalgia is strong with this one; it's like revisiting those button-mashing days, only this time my fingers are tapping on the screen and the high score is a skyscraper tumbling down. Choosing a badass character is half the fun, with each having their own flair for the dramatic demolition.

The concept is simple: punch the skyscraper from side to side, chopping it down while dodging pesky balconies that’ll surely test your reflexes! As you climb the high score ladder, you can't help but think, is there a better way to bring down the house? And trust me, when you switch sides to avoid those balconies, you'll feel like a nimble ninja in a boxer's body. It's a quirky, addictive experience that doesn't disappoint!

Review 296 - Tower Boxer

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