Tower Crash 3D
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Game Description

Tower Crash 3D

Only the best crashers will be able to destroy all towers in this 3D physics game.Try to let all towers collapse with the amount of given balls. But you will only destroy the shapes with the same colour as you ball. Use the powerful earthquake or shotgun power ups, to create huge chain reactions, which will lead into the towers destruction. Beautiful designed levels and shapes will await you, so don’t waste any second and become the greatest tower crasher of ‘em all!

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Game Developer: Famobi

Tower Crash 3D Review

Alex 'Gaming Guru'
Alex 'Gaming Guru'


Engaging Strategy and Precision in Tower Crash 3D

Jumping into Tower Crash 3D, I was immediately hooked by the beautifully designed levels and the challenge to strategically collapse towers with limited shots. The added twist of matching ball colors to the towers' segments adds a layer of complexity that I haven't seen in many physics-based games. With power-ups like the earthquake and shotgun, creating those massive chain reactions that lead to tower demolition feels incredibly satisfying. It's not just me – I've seen many players get totally invested in improving their scores and mastering the levels. Conversations in the community hint at some occasional frustration when a score gets reset, but the overall sentiment is positive with players commending each other's achievements and sharing tips—a great example of a challenging yet engaging gameplay loop. While the high scores some players achieve seem out of reach for many, the journey towards the top is filled with addictive fun. For additional physics puzzle fun, check out Cannon Balls 3D.
Review 5 - Tower Crash 3D

Game Comments

Francois Larose

Same happened to me... thumbdown thumbdown thumbdown

This stupid site just reset my score at zero!!!! thumbdown

Thanks so much Leo smile

Congratulations for reaching 20 million! cristinalind smile

Have a great weekend Cristina!! smile

LOL I recognize myself in what you say, have a good day Franois.

Thank you Cristina! I'm on game 6479... This game has taken over my life! LOL

Thanks, Francois Larose. I say congratulations on your soon to be 30 million.

Congratulations @cristinalind for reaching 20 million!!!!!!!!

WOW I got 18,277 lol. thanks @Francois Larose No not 18 million funny but that's me smile smile_xd smile

@ewowens59 if you're getting the back ball it means you're doing well. You can keep playing after if you still have balls left. The scores add up from game to game.

Tack så mycket smile men nummer 1 kommer jag aldrig att bli... men jag ska kämpa på smile

Hello, I must be doing something wrong on this game lol. & yes well played @christina lind I do get over 10 blocks down many times, but then I get the black bomb & the game over! Or well like I said in past I will keep trying & well played to the top players!!! smile smile smile

Congratulations @christina lind

Hi, thanks for all the advice on this game! I'm learning slowly lol. But not as good like you guys play! I will keep trying & one day I might get near your scores? in my dreams but all fun ok... smile smile smile

LOL älskar dej också... ewowens59 LOL

LOL @ cristina lind smile smile smile

OMG back to 0... sad crying ohmy2

Om du skjuter slut på dina skott börjar spelet om från 0 , då måste du jobba dej upp till poängen du hade innan dom nya poängen adderas. Lycka till smile

It will only post your best score so far.

Now my scores are not showing up? not that they were good lol. crazy

Hello @Francois Larose thanks for explaining to us! Still not sure how to play the game lol! But many thanks ok! Best wishes from, South Wales in UK. smile

The scores add up from one game to the other. As long as you keep winning the games, the scores will keep adding up.

Yes oakdragon I'm think the same! Took me a while to work this game out! But I can't find anywhere here to add my scores like other games on here, rolleyes


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