Witch Magic Academy
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Game Description

Witch Magic Academy

We shall be brewing shapeshifting potions, but for that, we need to collect all necessary herbs and elements, if you don't put the right ingredients you might not like what you turn into. You can then save your shapeshifting body in the form of a collectibles card.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Witch Magic Academy Review



Brew, Transform and Charm at the Witch Magic Academy!


Stepping into Witch Magic Academy, I found myself entranced by the mystical challenge of potion-making. It's like being back in school, but way more fun—with no risk of real-life toad transformation. The game insists; mix it up right or who knows what you'll turn into! The thrill of adding just the right herb and watching my potion bubble to perfection—or not—was absolutely magical. Plus, collecting my shapeshifting successes in the form of collectible cards added an unexpectedly addictive twist to my witchy studies.

The gameplay is bewitching, especially with Halloween approaching and my inner alchemist itching for a test. And I'm not alone; I've seen chatter online about how players feel like they're creating their own magical creatures, reminiscent of '90s virtual pets but with a sorcerous spin. Though challenging, it's perfectly spook-tacular for aspiring witches and wizards looking to conquer the cauldron before All Hallows' Eve.

For those seeking a bewitched bonding with broomsticks and bubbling potions, I'd point my wand towards Bubble Shooter Pro, where the aim is precise and the satisfaction immense as you pop your way through spellbinding levels.

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