Zombie Last Survivor
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Zombie Last Survivor

They battle through relentless waves of zombies, each with their own unique traits. Equip yourself with a trusty revolver as you begin your desperate fight for survival. Progress through the onslaught to unlock an arsenal of increasingly powerful weapons. After each wave, secure power-ups such as Molotovs and grenades. Can you hold the line and defy the odds against the horde?

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Zombie Last Survivor Review

Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma


Holding Back the Horde in Zombie Last Survivor


While diving into Zombie Last Survivor, I experienced the thrill and challenge of standing my ground against hordes of the undead. The 3D first-person shooter aspect imbues a sense of immediacy to the survival gameplay, as I found myself barricaded behind a meager wooden fence, defending against a zombie onslaught. Each wave becomes progressively more intense, keeping me on the edge of my seat as I switch between weapons to try and outlast the zombies, each with their distinct characteristics.

The possibility to unlock more powerful weaponry, like the lifesaving grenades and Molotov cocktails after each wave, adds a satisfying progression to the gameplay. I noticed other players echoing my sentiments about the game's intense pacing and the satisfaction of strategically utilizing power-ups to clear waves. However, some players noted technical hiccups, such as achievements not registering correctly. The game's developer has certainly created an engaging title that balances action with strategy, although it's not without its flaws.

If you're looking for more zombie survival action, check out games like Dead Zed to keep your reflexes sharp and your appetite for undead chaos satisfied.

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