Cake Maker Shop
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Game Description

Cake Maker Shop

In the cake-making game, you will be allowed to prepare different cakes for the customers. Make different bakery items in your own cake factory and sell them to the customers in this free cooking game. Earn lots of coins in this dessert shop game and unlock other cake shops included in the free kitchen game. In the shop management game, I hope you can handle all the customers in my bakery shop with many power-ups and targets. You will have three food truck game experiences in a single gameplay area. So get this addictive game right now, make delicious cakes and desserts, and sell them to customers in cake mania. This free chef game includes your own baker shop where you need to serve all the cake lover and dessert lover, customers. Earn lots of coins in my cafe shop, upgrade all the cooking appliances, and use different power-ups to complete different challenging levels. This one baker shop is one of the best bakery games for free. You just need to serve those customers who come to your cake food truck. Make lots of coins to purchase boosters and upgrades. Unlock all the food trucks in the serving game and enjoy serving different recipes to match the taste of all the customers.

Game Developer: GamePix

Cake Maker Shop Review

James D
James D


A Sweet Adventure in Cake Maker Shop


Jumping into Cake Maker Shop felt like stepping into a virtual dessert paradise. The game blends the joy of baking with the thrill of business management, proving to be a real treat for casual gamers like me. From whipping up a variety of bakery items to upgrading cooking appliances, every bit of gameplay is designed to keep you on your toes. With the aim to satisfy every cake and dessert lover that comes to the food truck, it’s a delightful juggle between speed and strategy.

Feedback from fellow gamers echoes this sentiment, highlighting how enjoyable the game is despite the usual ads that tag along - a small price to pay for a hefty slice of fun. It's like having your cake and eating it too, with power-ups and challenging levels adding just the right spice to the mix.

While serving up an assortment of confections, I've seen how Cake Maker Shop can become quite the addiction. It’s one of those games that seamlessly mixes the simplicity of cake-making with the layered complexity of shop management. And, while I might not be ready to open my own bakery in real life, virtual success in this game sure brings a sweet sense of accomplishment. For anyone who’s dreamed of running their own bakery, this game might just be your perfect recipe for fun.

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il est vraiment chouette ce jeu. smile

Ce jeu est bien pas grave pour la publicité il y en a autant à la télé. smile


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