Dominoes Classic
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Dominoes Classic

Enjoy a round of Dominoes in this HTML5 version of the popular board game classic where you'll need skill, the right strategy, and a portion of luck! Choose between three game versions: Draw Dominoes, Block Dominoes, and All Fives (also known as Muggins). Select a difficulty that matches your abilities best and try to achieve the target score to win. Playing is simple: match the same number of spots at the end of tiles and get rid of all the tiles you hold before your opponent.

The Dominoes Classic game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Famobi

Dominoes Classic Review

Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma


Classic Fun with a Digital Twist - Dominoes Classic at Play123!


What a delightful way to pass the time! Dominoes Classic has absolutely become my go-to on Play123. It's the digital rendition of the age-old board game that catches you with its simplicity and charm. You jump right into the battle of wits with those adorably clickable tiles, choosing from Draw Dominoes, Block Dominoes, and All Fives - the variety keeps boredom at bay. I've leaned towards the All Fives for that extra zing!

Let's talk about the challenge - picking the right difficulty does wonders. There's a blissful satisfaction in matching tiles and racking up scores that gets the dopamine flowing. Oh, and the community seems to echo the sentiment with cheers and virtual applause. Someone loved the change this version brought, while another just adores it (those smiley emojis are contagious, aren't they?).

Admittedly, the scoring can be a head-scratcher at first, yet once you've grasped it, you feel like a domino champ - and yes, your victories are saved for the gloating rights. If you've got a knack for strutting your stuff on leaderboards or just crave a round of classic dominoes with a nifty HTML5 twist, Dominoes Classic is your playground. Fans of the game have found their bliss here, and you might just, too. And if you’re looking to expand your board game horizon, why not check out Mahjong Classic? It's a splendid way to challenge the noggin further.

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enfin je le retrouve !!! je l'adore aussi !! bisous mésange


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