Dutch Shuffleboard
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Game Description

Dutch Shuffleboard

Slide pucks and score points in this Dutch shuffleboard game Sjoelen. Slide the pucks into the four openings. Score extra points for pucks in all four openings.

Click on end game/submit score to add your score to the leaderboard.

The Dutch Shuffleboard game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Zygomatic

Dutch Shuffleboard Review



Cozy Corner in the World of Casual Gaming


If you're looking to slide into a casual gaming experience, Dutch Shuffleboard may be just the right pace. This shuffleboard game from the Netherlands offers a simple pleasure of sliding pucks and aiming for those satisfying high scores. The game's mechanics of aiming for four openings remind players of traditional Dutch Sjoelen, brought to the digital space. Some gamers have expressed their delight at the challenge of achieving high scores, while others cheer for the top players, showcasing a sense of community.

There's a charm in the game's simplicity, and it's nice to see your points climb up on the leaderboard. While some find the game a tad slow, it doesn't detract from the overall pleasantness it brings.

Game Comments

Congratulations @zoalja for that 145!!!!

Does anyone else think the scores to get medals are ridiculous!! smile_xd

un peu lent mais pas mal comme jeu !!!


Number of votes: 5