Governor of Poker 2
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Game Description

Governor of Poker 2

Fight the government's ban on your favorite game, and earn back your title as the Governor of Poker!

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Governor of Poker 2 Review

Digital Nomad Dave
Digital Nomad Dave


A Riveting Round at the Table with Governor of Poker 2

Howdy, card enthusiasts! I've been delving into Governor of Poker 2, and it's been quite the adventure against the government ban on my favorite game. The stakes are high as I strive to reclaim my title, and it's a hoot! I noticed some players have had challenges launching the game, but once you're in, it's smooth sailing—or should I say, smooth dealing!

The gameplay is engaging with a real sense of progress as you move from town to town, and there's a satisfying mix of skill and chance. It's clear why many have welcomed the return of this game with open arms and smiling emojis. Just when I thought I'd mastered bluffing, my virtual opponents reminded me there's always room to improve my poker face! If you find yourself longing for a clever card challenge, pull up a chair and test your skills at Governor of Poker. Here's a joke while you shuffle up and deal: why did the poker player cross the road? To raise the stakes on the other side!

Game Comments

Why is this game left on when you can't play it !!! sad

Why wont this game play again !!!

This game isn't opening crying

Glad we can play this game again, thank you ! smile

Why is this game left on when you can't play it !!! no

anybody know why i can't open this game ; ? i've played 3 times a couple of days ago & now when i press " play " it just freeze's crying


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