Master Qwan's Mahjongg
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Game Description

Master Qwan's Mahjongg

Here's another classic Mahjong flash game, simple and effective. You will have 20 minutes to complete a maximum of levels. Choose the background that suits you better then you can concentrate to go as fast as possible.

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Game Developer: Zygomatic

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Master Qwan's Mahjongg Review



A Refreshing Mahjong Challenge with Master Qwan's

Stepping into the serene world of Master Qwan's Mahjongg, I found the traditional touches quite appealing. The game's interface is straightforward, providing a comforting, no-frills Mahjong experience. The challenge to clear levels within a 20-minute window adds a layer of excitement, and choosing different backgrounds lets you customize the vibe to keep your focus sharp. I've seen friends breeze through the tiles, and I've had those sticky clicks where you have to tap a tile more than once - seems to be a hiccup for several players based on community feedback. Despite these occasional quirks, it doesn’t detract much from the overall enjoyment. It's a bit of a letdown needing that extra click but, the heart of the game remains a solid puzzle fix. Whether you aim for Zen-like calm or feverish competition against the clock, this game offers a fine balance. And hey, hitting the leaderboard after a particularly good run feels pretty rewarding.
Review 6 - Master Qwan's Mahjongg

Game Comments

There is a Hack to this game but I'm reluctant to share it ......I don't use it

Merry Christmas everyone smile

Great #1 score today GoatWillowCV! clap

I really do not like playing a game that is not smooth running. I had to click on the tiles 2,3, even 4 times before it would register.

more sticky clicks again sad

Lots of double clicking having to be done in this game recently. The mouse seems to be sticking to the tiles or unable to pick the tile up and move it. I loved this game its' become sad to try and play. So frustrating.

@omaria, it is not your mouse, I have the same problem with having to click on a tile twice sometimes.

Trying trying but the tiles are definitely eschew!! Sometimes they need two clicks or is it my mouse?? The rascals!!

My favourite.


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