Minesweeper Mini 3D
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Game Description

Minesweeper Mini 3D

It is a 3D minesweeper and the cutest minesweeper game. Use a touch or mouse to select a tile and see if you have luck. Watch out for massive, dangerous bombs.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Minesweeper Mini 3D Review



Mixed Feelings on Minesweeper Mini 3D

Ventured into the realm of Minesweeper Mini 3D, hoping for a nostalgic hit with a modern twist. It's billed as the cutest minesweeper around, and while the 3D aspect brings a fresh perspective, the execution falls a bit flat. Using touch or mouse to uncover tiles felt intuitive, but the 'massive, dangerous bombs' didn't bring much thrill. A friend mentioned the graphics were adorable, yet somehow, it didn't quite resonate with me. The game has its moments, especially when you're on a lucky streak avoiding bombs, but it lacks the depth to keep you hooked for long. Overall, it's a very basic take on a classic, and while some might appreciate its simplicity, others could find it lacking substance.
Review 74 - Minesweeper Mini 3D

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