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Game Description 2

Paper io 2 is a tactical io game. Conquer the map. Kick off your opponents!

Game Developer: GameDistribution 2 Review

James D
James D


A Quirky Adventure for Territory Domination

Jumping into 2, I found myself wrapped up in the colorful chaos of conquering territory! The objective is delightful in its simplicity: carve out as much of the map as possible while dodging your sneaky opponents. It's like a digital game of tag but with more strategy. I definitely felt a strong 'just one more turn' vibe while playing. It can be a tad confusing at first, I mean, a simple tutorial wouldn’t hurt, right? But once you get the hang of it, it’s all about growing your area and kicking others off the server.

The game does have its perks; it’s simple, engaging, and has a good 'pick up and play' quality. Though the comments from fellow gamers ranged from bafflement to praise, I can understand the allure. 2 serves up a colorful and competitive quick fix that’s hard not to come back to. All in all, it's like a sprinkle of strategy and a dollop of luck got mixed in a salad bowl and served with a competitive dressing!
Review 114 - 2

Game Comments

pas mal ce jeu. smile

It's fun and all but too many ads I even had an ad in a middle of a game.

Plus too many ads. I die & I don't understand what was it I was supposed to have done. thumbdown

I don't understand this game. I wish they had some sort of instructions. sad

Bonjour je vais essayer de jouer Ă  ce jeu merci tycobb bises Jo.

I have to admit it, this game is fun and kind of addicting!!


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