Totemia: Cursed Marbles
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Game description

Totemia: Cursed Marbles

Explore a mysterious ancient world in Totemia and stop the moving line of cursed marbles with your tiki shooter! This classic Match3 game will put your skills to the test: shoot and combine at least 3 same-colored balls to remove them from the field. Stop the line before it reaches the end and eliminate all balls to pass a level. Activate power ups which randomly appear on marbles and play strategically to get as many chain reactions as possible - they'll give you bonus points. Complete 45 increasingly difficult levels, reach a high score and break the curse!

Game comments

Why is my score and name in all yellow, with white lettering that does not show up?

Well, I'm disappointed again. My score today as I was going to play level 10 was 374,320. I beat my previous score for that level, it gave me a thumbs up but did not change my score from 374,320. So I did a refresh browser which has worked for other games that were not changing the score. Did not work. So on to Level 10 again and played umpteen games and could not reach the previous high score. So I went on to level 11, and I was a dud on that, went to level 12,"won" & score stayed @ 374320.

I wish you had a button so a player such as myself could delete an unfair comment or delete a fair comment when you have resolved it. ohmy2

Thank you. I apologize for my aggravated comment about the owners of this game fiddling with the #1 position. As a last resort before removing your game I played level 6 and saw that I was back to my score I had finally achieved after ya'll restarted the levels last week. So I suppose it was what is called a "bug"? Anyway, whatever it was, I appreciate your restoring me back to the correct score for today and week. Thank you.

So you are starting the scores over every single day? What are you doing? If you can't maintain your lead, what is the point of playing this game. I will not play this game anymore if this is not changed. Or is that what you want? Royal Games seemed to do this. They seemed to be gaming people with an inside connection in leading positions, but that was on the skill play for money players. I can't see what your purpose would be. It's sad. After I had finally found a game I was good at. angry

OK, it's happened before, but just now, 10:40-ish am Sept. 12, 2023, in game numbers 2 and 3, I beat my highest score and it did not increase my total score. However, I suppose this must be the way you want your game to work, that we get annoyed and keep on keeping on. At this moment, I'm just quitting.

When I fall asleep during a game it's time to say byebye, lol wierd zzzz I love this game but I'm surrendering for now... surrender

I just discovered we can just click in the middle of the score board and it brings up the arrow to continue on if we want to, or re-do the level, or go to Home.

quite a few of these games keep sticking for some reason

FYI Game Owners: The game keeps hanging yesterday and today after one to three levels.

@4vrCute, I agree with your hardest level choices! I've come back anyway 'cause I miss the challenge.

30 & 23 are the hardest levels! Phew! ohmy2

Ok Eva. Faster doesn't work for me & it takes all the fun out of the game. With Adblock you don't see any commercials @ all. So glad I haven't had to endure the RV ones. RV's are tons of work & you have to dispose of your own waste, that doesn't sound pleasureable to me. Yep, hotels are much better. I love indoor plumbing. dry

Well, I've played enough of this game to feel sure I can't increase my score, but #2 at least as of today I'm happy enough with. Anyway, I'm out of here and these commercials.

I'll just be glad when the effing 15 second commercials are no more. I'm not going to go the the RV show precisely because I am being harassed by their commercial waaaayyy too much. Oh well, it's better for my health if I turn off the sound and get my rear off the chair.

I don't know about the coin goes by too fast for me to see, and the icons don't make a lot of sense to me. I just know the faster I can go, the better score I get.

Does anyone know how much the coins count? It doesn't seem to show @ the end score section. Or are they supposed to be caught to keep from losing points? unsure

Thanks Eva! innocent

OH, so that is why why my score did not increase and move me to the next level, there are only 45 levels! Still couldn't catch up to @4vrCute. I practically became colorblind and actually got tired of playing it. At least I stayed until the end.

32 is my favorite level. cool What's yours?

Woo Hoo ... I did it! I played until level 45 which is the last level AND I beat my best score in the process! rocks yes rocks

Really good game, wished there were a lot more levels.

This game reminds me of the old flash game 'Luxor'. It has the same premise yet its a little easier (thank goodness) & has the same kind of sound effects. Love also that the score is saved & am able to see how I'm improving in comparison to the other players. cool

Tråkigt med bara 45 banor sad


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