Up Hill Racing
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Up Hill Racing

In this physics-based game you race uphill using many different vehicles like a convertible, a bike, a monster truck or even a fridge. Yes, a fridge. Because why not? Each vehicle provides a unique experience and can be upgraded to make it easier to control and perform better. Try to go as high and as far as you can and reach the top of the hill. On your way you collect coins or you can do flips and gain air-time to earn even more.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Up Hill Racing Review

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Balanced Thrills in Up Hill Racing


Delving into Up Hill Racing, I was greeted with the quirky charm of choosing vehicles like a fridge to scale the steep inclines, which somehow adds to the game's whimsical personality. A game that promises to combine fun with a dash of outlandish, it truly delivers a physics-based challenge that can keep you hooked for a while.

Each vehicle definitely offers unique dynamics, influencing how you approach each climb. The opportunity to upgrade these wild rides gives a sense of progression that is simple yet satisfying, even if it feels like it could use a bit more depth at times. Trying to reach new heights and collecting coins while performing flips adds a layer of skill that rewards more daring players.

However, players from various forums have pointed out the balancing act of control and performance can be touch-and-go, which might affect the experience depending on your patience level. The repetitive nature might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those looking for a casual game to pass the time, it fits the bill. As an HTML5 game, it's certainly accessible and retains a level of addictiveness you'd expect from a racing game of this caliber. Overall, for a casual gaming experience where delight meets challenge, Up Hill Racing rides a fine line.

Review 194 - Up Hill Racing

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