Zoo Boom
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Game Description

Zoo Boom

Tap at least two animals of the same color to collect them for your zoo and complete all tasks to progress. Try to match multiple creatures of the same type to create special boosters and combine them for huge boom effects. The further you progress, the more tricky the challenges will get. In case you are stuck, you can buy additional boosters in the shop - they will surely come in handy! Can you finish all 100 levels with 3 stars?

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Game Developer: Famobi

Zoo Boom Review

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A Wild Puzzle Adventure With A Few Twists

So I recently got 'an order' to review Zoo Boom, and honestly, it's pretty addictive. Matching two or more animals of the same color to build your zoo keeps you on your toes, especially as you climb up the levels. I gotta say, the special boosters are lifesavers – when you combine them, it feels like the Fourth of July in your screen! A friend of mine, always the strategist, reached level 32 with her specials and I could tell, it was getting intense; seriously, the challenge spike after level 30 isn't playing around.

The tasks get trickier as you progress, which adds a nice flavor to the mix without being frustrating. And those shop boosters? Sometimes they're just what the virtual zookeeper ordered. While I haven't hit all 100 levels yet, I'm gunning for those 3-star finishes. Just between us, it's kinda hilarious trying to wrangle those virtual critters – it's like herding cats, but with more colors and explosions!
Review 10 - Zoo Boom

Game Comments

I made it to level 32 using all the specials I had earned, yet the score listed I got @ an earlier level. The game becomes really hard past level 30, so get your highest score before you reach it as its tough to score high after it. rolleyes

j'adore ce jeu. smile


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