Bartender: The Right Mix
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Game Description

Bartender: The Right Mix

Pour, shake and serve! Our barman Miguel is in your hands, but watch out, he's a bit partial to a cocktail himself!

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Bartender: The Right Mix Review

James D
James D


Mixing Skills and Laughs in Bartender: The Right Mix

Jumping into Bartender: The Right Mix felt just like stepping behind the bar without the risk of breaking any glasses. The game's premise of finding the ultimate cocktail recipe offers a surprisingly fun challenge that tests your memory and creativity.

I found myself chuckling at the comedic outcomes of my bizarre concoctions, and so did friends who gave it a whirl. The trial and error without real-life consequences made for a delightful experience, despite it being slightly repetitive after multiple plays.

It's easy to spend a good amount of time trying to unlock all the combinations, though it's true, content could be broader. But for those looking to master the art of mixology with a dose of humor, this game is a delightful blend. It's a virtual pre-party hit among cocktail enthusiasts around the web!

Game Comments

juice vodka is no brainer

One of my favorite games on the site. A great time killer, and honestly, hilarious at times. My only gripe is the game's lack of content, but aside from that, it is enjoyable trying to find that perfect blend. I'd give this flash game an 8/10, objectively.


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