Burger Clicker
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Burger Clicker

Simply click on the burger to start making money in your new restaurant venture. Upgrade your menu and your service as you become the richest burger maker in the world. Grow your restaurant from a small burger stand to a multinational corporation. A fun incremental game featuring yummy and tasty foods and profits.

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Burger Clicker Review

James D
James D


Satisfying Clicks and Business Growth with Burger Clicker


Embarking on my digital entrepreneurial journey with Burger Clicker, the goal was clear: start small and scale to become the wealthiest burger entrepreneur around. The game mechanics are straightforward and satisfying; with each click on the savory burger, cash began to flow and my virtual burger empire started to expand. The incremental gameplay kept me engaged, strategizing on which upgrades to prioritize for the menu and service to maximize profits.

What's fun about Burger Clicker is watching the business grow from a modest stand to a global powerhouse - a classic rags-to-riches tale, but with burgers and fries. The game seems to resonate well with others too; comments from fellow players reveal elements of strategy and enjoyment, although there's mention of a hiccup or two with certain achievements not unlocking as expected. It's heartening to see lots of positive vibes from the community, underscoring the game's entertaining nature. Ranking in at a 4.3 on Miniplay, it's clear that this game dishes out a tasty gameplay experience.

Pros: The game offers a simplistic yet addictive clicker experience with gradual complexity as you upgrade. It's entertaining to see your earnings soar and plan out your growth trajectory.

Cons: Some may find the game a tad repetitive over time; and there appears to be occasional glitches with achievement unlocks that can be a minor annoyance.

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