Butterfly Kyodai
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Game Description

Butterfly Kyodai

Click on the same butterfly wings that are not blocked by others to remove them.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Butterfly Kyodai Review

Digital Nomad Dave
Digital Nomad Dave


Fluttering Fun with Challenging Twists

As I delved into Butterfly Kyodai, the charm was immediate. Flit and frolic through levels with the clear goal to click on identical butterfly wings not blocked by others. While the concept sounds simple, it's a test of speed and strategy, ensuring an engaging gameplay experience. Some levels can be quite puzzling, leaving you to match that last elusive pair. Despite the rare snags, the positive vibes are palpable, with players cherishing their progress and adoring the game's challenges. It's like a virtual net for butterfly collectors – mostly rewarding, occasionally elusive, but always worth another try. What's a butterfly's favorite game? Hide and seek, because they're always playing with their 'budding' pals!

Game Comments



Sorry, I probably made a mistake and got 1904 points and not 10904. This time I got 2475




humm...no leader board..too bad

humm...no leader board..too bad

Another BROKEN game!!! zzz


THIS GAME CHEATS!!!! Always on Level 9....great score will never be recorded!!!

ANOTHER game that doesn't work right! I just love getting to the LAST STEP in the level and then being left with 2 mismatched pieces! I don't mind losing a game I didn't play well, but I DO mind losing a game that won't end a level properly!


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