Dream Pet Link
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Game Description

Dream Pet Link

Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Dream Pet Link Review

Kenji T
Kenji T


Serenity and Strategy in Tile Matching with Dream Pet Link

Stepping into the world of Dream Pet Link, you'll notice the calming effect of matching those adorable animal tiles. True, it's a straightforward quest to connect identical tiles to clear the board, which offers a soothing respite from the day's chaos. Fellow gamers cheer about completing levels and the cute-factor of in-game critters, which is quite contagious. However, pace yourself; while it eases the mind, the challenge sneaks up on you. Oh, and here's a pro tip: EVAs are fine in space, but for a pet link? Not so much. hamster

Game Comments

9272 Best of 2024 ... so far! yes

6784 (L7)


5264 (L 6)

9682 w/8 hints left! Best in a long while! lol

8934 Completed level 9 w/a much better score than yesterday! lollol

3792 Woo Hoo! Completed level 9 -- love those cute animals! love clap cool

9314 Woo Hoo! First time I finished this game in a long while! lollol

Thank goodness for Adblock, now I can enjoy this game again! rocks

And, the sex/violence/blood commercial doesn't even say what is the site its advertising? How could anyone ever use it? I think they just want to exploit women w/o actually advertising anything!

Eeeek! Its back! thumbdown

Thank you management for changing the commercial, finally one for cars, I drive a car! wink cool

I really dislike this commercial for the war game. It sounds like the lady is having sex & then there's all this blood & violence. Why can't they have commercials for things we'd actually use, like deodorant or eat like yogurt/ice cream. I'd enjoy THOSE kinds of commercials. confused


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