Jewels Blitz 4
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Game Description

Jewels Blitz 4

The gameplay is typical for match 3 games. We use the "mouse" or the "finger" to connect and match 3 same colored jewels. Each level has a different task and needs to be solved within the number of allowed moves we can do. Power-ups can help us to get the level done before we run out of them.

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Game Developer: GameDistribution

Jewels Blitz 4 Review



Engaging Puzzler for Casual Players

Stepping into the colorful world of Jewels Blitz 4, the challenge of connecting three same-colored jewels provides a delightful experience that keeps the mind active. The lovely crafted levels offer a variety of tasks, ensuring each round feels fresh. Power-ups add a strategic element, aiding in completing levels before moves run out. Feedback from players highlights the fun and addictive nature of the game, though some are eagerly awaiting more levels. Overall, it's a pleasant diversion for those who enjoy match-3 games.

Game Comments

Janice1 put a add block on! Best wishes ok! smile smile smile

Too many adverts for me in game

Hi I only just played this game tonight! Best laugh I've had in ages!!! LOL WOW Am I losing the plot here? can't even see my scores! Ha Ha only the game said shiny & well played! crazy

To the game/site administrators: what has happened with this game? what does "more levels coming soon" mean? how soon is "soon"?

Bonsoir ce jeu est bien bonne soirée. smile

salut et bon jeu


hi chris

hi chris


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