Mah Jong Connect
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Mah Jong Connect

There are tons of free online games out there but have you been looking for one that will give your brain a workout? If so, look no further than MahJongCon. Whether you spell it “mahjong” or “mahjongg,” this classic Chinese board game has been challenging players for decades. In MahJongCon, you can enjoy colorful graphics and a cool soundtrack that mixes traditional music with contemporary flourishes. You might even find yourself tapping your toes while you race to match up all of the symbols on the tiles! You’ll need to move fast, of course. A bar at the bottom of the screen below the mahjong board will keep track of your time. You won’t have much of it to spare, especially once you reach the more complicated levels. There are a dozen of them in MahJongCon, each with an increasingly tricky series of tiles. Don’t get too worried though. If you get stuck, you can always press the hint button for some friendly advice that will help you keep moving forward. Will you successfully match up all of the tiles before you run out of time? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by clicking the play button!

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Mah Jong Connect Review

Maria G
Maria G


A Brain Teaser with a Twist of Frustration


If you're itching for a challenge that gets your brain gears grinding, Mah Jong Connect might just do the trick. This game is a digital twist on the classic Chinese board game, and yes, it will test your speed and observation skills to the T. The colorful tiles and soothing, funky beats in the background will keep your toes tapping while you race against the clock.

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Occasionally, the game might just test your patience more than your brain. A few players have mentioned issues with the game logging out during a pause, which means you might have to start all over again – talk about a surprise twist! Despite these hurdles, the challenge of beating all 12 levels continues to pull me back. It's a love-hate relationship, but maybe that's just part of its charm?

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Game Comments

GirafeLady27 you should keep another tab open to your profile & make sure you're signed in before you continue playing. This site is known to log you out in the middle of a paused game. Since this game doesn't give you any score until you finish all 12 levels or run out of time & lose the game, you need to verify you're still signed in BEFORE you click the pause button to continue the game or you're right, you will go back to the beginning as if you never played it. unsure

What the heck ... I PAUSED my game at Level SIX of 12 so thatI could finish it when I had time to do so; BUT, when I came back, just now, it was no longer paused and instead to carry onward, it's back to ONE of 12, which REALLY STINKS BECAUSE MY SCORE WAS HIGHER THAN EVER BEFORE AND I WASN'T ABLE TO REGISTER IT !!! This game should've allowed me to keep going WHERE I LEFT OFF!!!


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