Patterns Link
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Game Description

Patterns Link

Breaking news from the Fashion Police—mixing and matching patterns is encouraged!

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Patterns Link Review

Alex 'Gaming Guru'
Alex 'Gaming Guru'


Engaging Tile-Matching Fun with a Stylish Twist


As a casual gamer who appreciates the classic matching genre, my experience with Patterns Link has been pleasantly engaging. This tile-matching puzzle game manages to add a fashionable flair to the well-loved mechanics of Mahjong, encouraging players to mix and match with style. The gameplay is simple, yet it demands keen observation and strategic maneuvering, providing a moderate challenge that keeps your attention without being overwhelming.

Some fellow gamers have expressed their adoration, even querying about purchasing the game, while others have mentioned their scores not being recorded, but overall, the response leans toward the positive side. Despite these minor hiccups, Patterns Link offers a satisfying casual gaming session that's easy to get hooked on. And here's a little fashion joke for the style-conscious gamers out there: Why did the pattern date the solid color? Because it needed a stable relationship!

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I would like to buy this game. I love it. please let me know where I can get it.

Game not keeping my score


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