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Ducklings is a cute IO-game where you are a caring duck that picks up lost ducklings from the pond. You are swimming around to collect as many lost ducklings as you can find to bring them safely to your nest. There is a catch however, as you are not the only caring parent duck in the pond; other ducks will try to steal your ducklings away from you so they get the honor and upgrades to your nest for saving them. For each duckling that you save you progress to the next level. You have finished the game after level 400! Make sure to avoid these other ducks and to protect your ducklings as good as you can.... Oh and look out for motorboats in the pond, as they will run you over.

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Ducklings Review

Digital Nomad Dave
Digital Nomad Dave


Adorable Aquatic Adventure Awaits in Ducklings


Embarking on an adorable journey in Ducklings has been reminiscent of the serene call of pond life, with a hilarious and chaotic twist. Picture this: you're a duck. That's it, that's the game. No, seriously, you float around like the feathery boss of the pond, scooping up wayward ducklings with a sense of purpose that might rival a Friday night delivery driver.

This cute IO-game draws you in with its simple premise: collect ducklings and return them to your lovingly crafted nest. It sounds tranquil, right? But hold onto your feathers—it gets quacking wild! You're not the only feathered friend on the hunt; rival ducks lurk in the corners of the screen, ready to snatch your hard-earned ducklings if you're not careful. And don't even get me started on the motorboats – they're like speed demons with zero respect for waterfowl!

Luckily, there's more to this game than just dodging competitors and zippy tourists. As you progress, every little duckling saved buffs up your homely nest. By level 400, you're practically royalty in the pond. Other players have found themselves hooked, coming back for just one more level, echoing the occasional 'quack quack' in delight. It's a duck-eat-duck world out there, folks, but in Ducklings, it’s also adorable, immersive, and surprisingly addicting. A game where you can truly unwind and quack up some fun.

Review 312 - Ducklings

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