Home Makeover: Hidden Object
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Game Description

Home Makeover: Hidden Object

Behind the white picket fence lies a quaint old house with a FUN jam packed hidden object adventure. Emma’s Grandparents' old house needs a home makeover! Okay...a LONG awaited makeover! Exchange old paint for dazzling wallpaper, outdated furniture for more modern pieces and more! Return this house back to its old glory! Clean out the old cluttered house and sell the items to your neighbors! Earn money from jumble sales to buy furniture and new fixtures for the old house! With over 10 ways to search for household items you will never get bored! This free adventure Hidden Object find the picture app will require you to search for Hidden Objects, exercise your Time Management skills and Match 3!

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Home Makeover: Hidden Object Review

Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma


A Pleasant Trip Through Nostalgia Lane with Home Makeover: Hidden Object


Diving into Home Makeover: Hidden Object felt like stepping inside a quaint old house with an attic full of memories just waiting to be rediscovered. As someone with a soft spot for hidden object games, the adventure of clearing out the old to make way for the new had a certain charm. The concept of sprucing up a house while selling off trinkets to the neighbors was engaging, bringing out the inner bargain hunter in me.

Searching for hidden items in over 10 different ways kept the gameplay from getting too monotonous, and trying my hand at managing the time and matching items added a nice layer of challenge. Although the game doesn't reinvent the wheel in its genre, it's the kind of game you might play to unwind after a long day.

However, it seems some players faced roadblocks with loading the game. Still, when it does work, it’s a pleasant mix of nostalgia and casual gaming. Make sure to give Granny’s house that long overdue facelift and turn it into a shining gem once again!

Review 147 - Home Makeover: Hidden Object

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tjrs bloqué dans le jeu !!! dommage

le jeu ne s'ouvre tjrs pas boxing


reste bloqué dommage sweat

not working


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