London Hidden Objects
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Game Description

London Hidden Objects

Discover the City of London in this Hidden Object and Letter game.

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Game Developer: Zygomatic

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London Hidden Objects Review

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A Quirky Tour Through London's Hidden Gems


Recently, I had the chance to dive into London Hidden Objects, a game inviting players to scour the bustling City of London. Its premise is straightforward but engaging: find all the hidden objects scattered across London. And frankly, as someone who's always been a bit of a detective at heart (albeit from the comfort of my couch), the game initially seemed like a brilliant weekend endeavor.

The game is like a virtual scavenger hunt, peppered with challenging elements that demand keen observation skills. Some players have voiced that the difficulty stems from the game's design—objects cleverly blend into their surroundings, camouflaged by matching colors. This added a layer of challenge, but also a pinch of frustration when a pesky brown book proved nearly invisible against a similar backdrop. On the flip side, it's this very challenge that hooked others, proving that what's one player's bugbear is another's delight.

There seems to be a hiccup when it comes to submitting scores, leaving several players hanging with their achievements unacknowledged. Yet, despite these bumps, the community vibes remain surprisingly positive, with comments highlighting the fun of diving into this pixelated London adventure, even if it's their first plunge into the world of hidden objects games.

Although London Hidden Objects might not whisk you off to a picture-perfect rendition of London, it intriguingly captures the essence of a treasure hunt in the old city. For those willing to squint a bit (both metaphorically and literally), it's a quaint way to kill time and test those observational skills. So, whether you're a seasoned hidden object aficionado or new to the scene, it might just be worth a gander. Just maybe keep a magnifying glass handy!

Game Comments

76305 getting better!

73424 first time trying! although I'm number one at Prague hidden objects.

i enjoy playing this game but it will not let +
me submit my score. Why???? Also does anyone know how to change your rating of a game ? I hit thumbs down by accident and cannot find a way to change it to the thumbs up.

71196 je progresse !!!

My score didnt give option to submit

70293 pas mal non plus comme jeu !!! bravo

59923 = Eh, not great not terrible. Its difficult to see the small images. Plus they match the colors, so brown book against a brown section. dry


Number of votes: 7