Spirit of the Ancient Forest
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Game Description

Spirit of the Ancient Forest

Having met a forest wizard, she learns that the Great Tree, which is the soul of the Ancient Forest, is in danger. The Dark Lord, with the help of his vassals, poisoned the Heart of the Great Tree. Sarah and her friends will have to frustrate the machinations of the Lord, fight him in his Citadel and save the Great Tree.

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Spirit of the Ancient Forest Review

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A Magical Quest through the Ancient Forest


I recently dove into Spirit of the Ancient Forest, and let me tell you, it’s like stepping into a storybook. Imagine going on an adventure with Sarah, a regular girl who meets a wizard and learns about the Great Tree's danger thanks to a Dark Lord’s nasty plans - that’s the essence of this game. It’s all about helping Sarah and her pals fight to save the Great Tree. Frankly, it feels more like a journey than just a game.

Now, I’ve seen plenty of comments from other players on the site. One said they loved the brain workout it gave them, and another mentioned its beauty but pointed out it's not a walk in the park. They're spot on - it’s challenging but in a good way that keeps you coming back for more. The puzzles make you think, but when you solve them, you feel like a genius.

For those looking for an engaging story with a sprinkle of magic and puzzles that tickle your brain, Spirit of the Ancient Forest is your cup of tea. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most unassuming adventures can be the most memorable. So, if you ever fantasized about being part of a spellbinding tale, give it a shot. You won’t be dissapointed!

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beau jeu en effet mais pas facile !!! thumbup

j'aime ce jeu de réflexion merci. big-smilie


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