Rachel Holmes: Find Differences
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Game Description

Rachel Holmes: Find Differences

Someone is taking pictures in different places and challenges people to find the originals as fast as possible. Rachel Holmes is already on the case but she needs your help! Together you can spot the differences while looking at thousands of pictures and competing with other detectives. Travel the world, find all the differences online, and aid Rachel Holmes with solving this mystery. Hurry up! Everyone wants to become the best and get there first. This game is perfect for you: ...if you like to look around and appreciate the world in its every detail, ...if you prefer to keep your brain active and agile while having fun, ...if you live to challenge yourself and compete with other enthusiasts, ...if you just want to relax and do something enjoyable. The list goes on but you don't have time. Rachel Holmes is already waiting for you in the game.

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Rachel Holmes: Find Differences Review

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Quirky Detective Fun with a Twist

Diving into Rachel Holmes: Find Differences feels like embarking on a globe-trotting adventure with a magnifying glass in hand. The game offers a fresh take on hidden object puzzles, inviting players to join forces with the keen-eyed detective to uncover disparities in pictures from around the world. The competitive edge adds excitement, as you strive to outperform fellow detectives. Although some may struggle with screen size or dark images, adjusting your device settings might remedy that. It's a brain-tickling pastime that's both enjoyable and challenging – perfect for detail-oriented folks who relish a good mystery. Here’s a little detective humor for you – why did the scarecrow become a successful detective? Because he was outstanding in his field!
Review 106 - Rachel Holmes: Find Differences

Game Comments

Thanks for playing me here! I have much fun. Best wishes from. South Wales in UK. smile smile smile

Or well after playing so many chall's of this game over 200 plus? & in top 12 on leader board I've been put back to the start lol. smile_xd

Ooo, I like this game. Hidden Object competition. Certainly unique. yes

So I don't have the problem with the screen being too dark or not fitting my screen. Course I play on an iMac desktop computer & not on a phone. You may want to check your settings before you play the game Elaine.

Same here! Many games I can't fit on my screen. I zoom in & makes problems worse! I also agree with the colours? can barely see them! Some games are ok. but some are not like I posted. sad

ce jeu est bien mais il faut bien réfléchir smile

I like this game, but some pictures are too dark to see the differences

like the game...but the pic doesn't fit on my screen. sad


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