Quizz Land
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Game Description

Quizz Land

QuizzLand is a free educational game that offers you more than 40,000 of finest trivia questions supported by detailed explanations. The app’s unique feature is an opportunity to play solo, so you don’t need to wait for other players to reply. It’s a fun and easy way to check your general knowledge and challenge your friends for the title of best brains!

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Quizz Land Review

Pixel Queen
Pixel Queen


A Quirky Quest for Trivia Titans


Jumping into QuizzLand, I was whisked away into a magical kingdom brimming with trivia questions that could stump even the sharpest of brains. With over 40,000 questions to tackle, this game is like a bottomless piñata of knowledge, spilling facts and figures in every direction. It’s perfect for those solo play sessions when you’re looking to test your wit without the pressure of a ticking clock or an impatient opponent breathing down your neck.

Players from the Play123 community seem to have a love-hate relationship with QuizzLand. Many appreciate the vast ocean of trivia and the ability to swim through it alone, yet they share a common gripe: the lack of a save feature. It seems climbing the trivia ladder to impressive heights—level 15, 912 gold coins, and a treasure trove of bonuses—only to fall back to square one, is a tale as old as time, stirring up a concoction of laughter and frustration. It’s like building a sandcastle only to have the sea wash it away overnight.

The one long-tail SEO keyword that comes to mind is 'Trivia games to play solo without waiting for other players,' capturing the essence of QuizzLand's unique selling point.

Pros: It's a perfect storm for trivia lovers, offering a solo play feature that’s as rare as hen's teeth in the trivia game space. Cons: The Achilles' heel of the game is the absence of a save feature, making every new playthrough feel like déjà vu, but not in a good way.

Game Comments

la penso come te, è frustrante ricominciare sempre da capo anche perchè non sarebbe divertente.

This game seems to go on forever. While I like it, it would be useful if we could save our level status to play again another time. I got up to level 15, 912 gold coins & 1753 stars plus other extras like skip a question, 2 guess chances. 50/50 & majority answers and extra map bonuses. While I would like to continue where I left off and enjoy all the bonuses I have already earned, there doesn't seem to be an option for that, unfortunately. unsure


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