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Game Description


Try to defeat an online opponent or friend in Rack'Em a fun 8 ball pool style game.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Game Comments

This game is so much better w/o ads! cool

So weird, I chose to rematch & then the commercial played, when it was over I was somehow in the middle of a match w/someone else. So I just played the balls given to me, then @ the end it said I was on the 8ball but I still had 3 balls left on the table, so I shot the 8ball, then it said I fouled so it was the other person's turn. Then the other person won. What?! crazy

Edit: Also you need to aim perfectly as its tough to 'otherwise' get into the pocket. unsure

Its supposed to be playing against another person, but the other person isn't there, you're effectively only playing by yourself. You can type in a user name so it shows that You played the game, but your score isn't saved unless you join the lagged.com. There's no English or sound, so its very different from the miniclip version & it takes time to get used to the cue. Also you need to aim perfectly as its tough to other get into the pocket. unsure


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