Tile Journey
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Game Description

Tile Journey

Embark on the ultimate 3D puzzle adventure with Tile Journey - match your way to victory, one trio at a time! Tile Journey is a thrilling 3D puzzle game that challenges your strategic thinking. With seven slots at your disposal, your task is to find and match pairs of three. But beware, if you fill up all slots without a single trio, it's game over! Navigate through layers of tiles, uncovering what lies beneath by matching the tiles above. Journey through multiple levels, each boasting a unique theme! So start pairing and put your matching skills to the test!

Game Developer: Famobi

Game Comments

I played this game today , I did like it but agree about the endless levels.

Unique game of strategy, matching 3 & mahjongg. Unfortunately it looks like it has endless levels which I don't like. Thankfully the score isn't collected so you can play a while, move on & no loss. dry


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