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There seems to be something gory on the table at tonight's championships. Can you aim the que-ball and pot the red balls even when there are dead limbs as obstacles on the velt? Don't underestimate the aim of the walking dead zombies!

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Zombilliards Review

Maria G
Maria G


Creepy Cues and Zombie Snooze: An Unorthodox Spin on Pool


Attention Billiards fans! If you're looking for a dark twist to the traditional pool game, Zombilliards might just be what the mad scientist ordered. It turns out, adding the undead to the green felt makes for some interesting gameplay. You'll need steady hands and nerves of steel to pot balls around dismembered limbs and other macabre obstacles.

Some players noted challenges with achievement recognition, which hopefully gets patched soon. But the grossly satisfying sound of crushing cockroaches on a pool table adds a layer of glee and points to your score—definitely not something I anticipated enjoying. Save the black ball for last for that sweet bonus and remember, it's not about winning or losing, it's about not letting the zombies beat you at a brain... I mean a game, of pool.

Overall, Zombilliards is an engaging, albeit gory, spin on the classic game of billiards and it's definitely worth taking a shot. Don't forget, when it's your turn to break, aim for the rack and not the back... unless it's of a zombie!pool-8-ball zombie

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