military-helmet Looking for some thrilling action? Jump into the battlefield with Army Games! Our online game collection has everything from intense combat missions to strategy-based challenges. Whether you're a seasoned soldier or a newbie recruit, Army Games has got you covered.

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Army games let you play as part of the military in one or more roles. You can be the strategist in the air or the foot soldier on the ground doing the dirty work. Gamers love to be thrown into battle. That's why army games are among the most popular browser titles on the Internet.

People like military games because they experience the thrill and adrenaline of war without the drastic consequences. The most popular type of military game is the first-person shooter. These games test your reaction time and aiming accuracy. Put your skills to the test in Forward Assault Remix, a fast-paced online game FPS. For more games, visit FPS.

Some players prefer vehicular combat, like tanks. Others prefer military strategy games, which are popular because they put you in the ultimate position of control. From there, you can defeat the enemy, build a stable society, and earn the honor and respect of your people.

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