Smarty Bubbles
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Game Description

Smarty Bubbles

In Smarty Bubbles you are in control of a colorful canon that fires orbs of different colored ammo. It is your mission to match colors in groups of three or more and get combos to disappear the variety of colors from the map. The longer you wait to make your shot the more likely the wall of colors is to slowly creep towards you. You'll have to think fast and aim true but also think about where you're landing the bubbles. Remember, a well-placed shot can knock off massive chunks of the rainbow wall if you place the shots perfectly by banking them off of the wall. Strike at a hidden artery of the wall and bring the whole thing down for bonus points. You are the commander in charge of this game and it is your mission to maximize your points by optimizing each of your shots to achieve the ultimate in damage. This is war and you are the last general in the rainbow army.

The Smarty Bubbles game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Game Developer: Famobi

Smarty Bubbles Review



Smarty Bubbles: Classic Bubble Shooter Experience

I've been playing Smarty Bubbles and found it to be a delightful mix of classic bubble shooter fun and challenging gameplay. The game's traditional mechanics are its strong suit, making it easy to pick up but hard to master. It's good for both quick gaming sessions and longer play times.

Pros: The game excels in its classic approach, requiring strategic thinking to connect bubbles of the same color. The absence of a time limit allows for a relaxed experience, and the stat tracking feature adds a sense of personal achievement. Play123 ability to save score is also cool.

Cons: Some players might face screen compatibility issues. Also, the game's difficulty can spike unexpectedly, which might be off-putting for casual gamers. And yes, some people might find it boring.

Final Thougts: Smarty Bubbles is a solid choice for fans of the genre, offering a mix of easy-to-learn gameplay and challenging levels. It's a game that keeps you engaged, whether you're a casual player or a bubble shooter enthusiast.
Review 1 - Smarty Bubbles

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one of the most played bubble shooters in the world

good game


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