Wake Up Little Kodama
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Game Description

Wake Up Little Kodama

Wake him up, by popping as many of the bubbles he is in. Aim and shoot the bubbles in order to pop the same colored bubbles. Don't let them fall down, the game will be over.

The Wake Up Little Kodama game on Play123 has a leaderboard for saving scores.

Wake Up Little Kodama Review

Kenji T
Kenji T


Simple Yet Enticing - A Review of Wake Up Little Kodama

I recently got the chance to play Wake Up Little Kodama and, I must say, it's quite the addictive little puzzle. The goal's to pop bubbles to wake up these slumbering spirits, and as simple as it seems, there’s a satisfying pop when you clear those same-colored bubbles. Don’t let 'em drop though, or it’s game over, and that gets tricky real fast.

Talked to a few folks online who’ve also played it, and it’s all about climbing that leaderboard. There might be some confusion on where your high score stands, but that keeps you coming back, doesn't it? Gotta beat your own best, after all.

Graphics and sound are spot-on, creating a chill yet engaging atmosphere. No competition with the kids, either. It's chill enough for them but still keeps me on my toes. For a casual game break or a rapid bubble-popping session, Wake Up Little Kodama delivers. And if you're itching for another fun game after, give Bubble Shooter Pro a shot. Hits the same sweet spot.

Game Comments

your score is at top of game

Wake up little kodmam - where can you see your score? xxxx


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