Bubble Dragons Saga
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Game Description

Bubble Dragons Saga

Pop bubbles by matching three or more of the same color. Unlock boosts and shoot at special items to activate their powers!

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Bubble Dragons Saga Review

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Bubbly Fun with a Hint of Dragon Magic


Hopping into the enchanting world of Bubble Dragons Saga, I've found a delightful blend of classic bubble shooting gameplay peppered with a fantastical dragon theme. It's like nurturing your very own little dragonlings with every bubble popped! Matching three or more similar colored bubbles to power through levels certainly scratches that casual gaming itch many of us have.

While on my bubble-bursting adventure, I've seen a handful of players get hung up on tricky stages like level 188, but overcoming these challenges just adds to the triumph. Plus, there's a sweet sense of victory when you nail those high scores and watch them climb the leaderboard, unlocking boosts and firing at special items to unleash their powers. Despite a few hiccups reported with score registration, the overall sentiment leans toward the 'addictively enjoyable' end of the spectrum.

If you're ready for a cozy evening in, this game provides a perfect mix of relaxation and light-hearted strategy. It's like a warm bubble bath for your brain – just don't let your victory bubbles burst if you hit a tricky level!


Engaging bubble-matching mechanic, adorable dragons, and a touch of strategic booster usage make Bubble Dragons Saga a soothing, yet entertaining play. The leaderboard encourages some friendly competition.


Occasional leaderboard issues have been mentioned, but it's nothing that overshadows the game's charm. Reaching that 'eureka' moment on the peskier levels might take a few tries, but it just makes success all the sweeter.

Review 146 - Bubble Dragons Saga

Game Comments

Stuck on level 188 GRRR Cant get out of this level

There's something wrong w/this game here & on Arcadium, I've notified the developers, but they don't seem to think there's a problem that the scores never register. P123 should remove the leaderboard as people are under the impression that our scores will be recorded & they're not. Plus since only the level scores are counted during the game, there's no cumulative count. I can only estimate @ level 10 I should've had like 360k! sweat

Finally finished playing and very well this time around. smile

Love this game smile


Number of votes: 10