Bubble Shooter Free 2
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Bubble Shooter Free 2

This unique bubble shooter brings shiny graphics and an exciting and satisfying point system together! Warm up your muscles, ready your reflexes, and start shooting the same-colored marble groups to make them fall into the highest-point pits! Shooting marbles has never been so much fun! With the amazing graphics, helping vectors, and score records, you will not realize how fast time passes with this game. While precision works wonders, panic is your primary enemy here. You must shoot color groups with at least two same-colored marbles to make them drop and slow down the incoming bubble waves. Sending random bubbles in random directions will make you end up with marbles piling up on the line. Do not let the marbles touch the line at all costs; instead, keep scanning the arena for crowded groups, and make move combos to earn a booster bubble with the power to drop any bubbles it touches. Move your aiming vectors around the arena for insight into where your attack will land. Use the walls to make your marble bounce and reach the riskiest corners. Keep track of your best scores on the scoreboard, and aim higher with each try.

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Bubble Shooter Free 2 Review



Bubble Shooter Free 2: A Casual Aim-and-Shoot Experience

Been playing Bubble Shooter Free 2 for a bit, and I gotta say, it's a mixed bag. On one hand, the shiny graphics and satisfying point system keep you hooked. It's easy to lose track of time trying to hit those high scores.

The gameplay encourages you to match marble groups and rack up points, which can be pretty fun, especially when you nail those combos. But here's the hitch – the game can get repetitive. The helping vectors are neat for better shots, and bouncing bubbles off walls is a cool trick, but after a while, it feels like I'm just doing the same thing.

Heard from other gamers feeling the tension as the marbles pile up. One misplaced bubble and it's chaos. There's a leaderboard, but it's just for personal glory. Would've been nice to see how I stack up against others. Overall, it's worth a shot if you're looking for a casual game, but maybe don't expect fireworks. If you're into this kind of arcade-style fun, you might also enjoy Match Arena for a similar yet competitive vibe.
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i mean






Yeah but my parents don't let me use it crying

If you all get ADBLOCK, you won't see any & can enjoy the site much better. cool


I need the leaderboard

I got a new high score: 46900

well there is a leaderboard but only for your score


there has to be a leaderboard here


Infuriating number of adverts for what is quite a good game. Think I shall give up playing as there is now an advert without end, thus making it impossible to progress any further. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


faut les marquer ici comme ça on verra notre progression !!!

oui, c'est dommage .... c'est mieux de s'amuser

dommage que les scores ne se comparent pas !!!


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