Onet Fruit Classic
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Game Description

Onet Fruit Classic

The goal of the game Onet Fruit Classic is to remove all tiles from the board by matching pairs of identical tiles. Match tiles with the same fruit and they will disappear.

Game Developer: GameDistribution

Onet Fruit Classic Review



A Casual Stroll Through The Orchard with Onet Fruit Classic


As a gamer who loves to kick back with something uncomplicated and fun, Onet Fruit Classic hit the sweet spot. Think of it as a walk through a digital orchard where your goal is to match pairs of juicy fruits, making them disappear in a satisfying puff. According to the game, there’s no race against the clock, allowing you to enjoy the puzzle at your own leisurely pace. Yet, it's not without its quirks. Some folks mentioned needing an extra tap or two to get the fruits to respond, kind of like coaxing a stubborn apple off a tree...

And while the game introduces a fun twist with tiles that shift after each match, it's easy to see how it adds a layer of challenge. The lack of unlimited shuffles, as some players noted, requires a bit more strategy than you might expect. In short, Onet Fruit Classic is a pleasant mix of relaxation and brain-teasing that, despite minor hiccups, provides a fruity fun time. Just might want to limber up those fingers before diving into the orchard!

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Game Comments

The pressure needed to click the tiles to respond will wind up with repetitive injury to the index finger and not really worth it.

Its similar to Dream Pet Link except you don't have unlimited shuffles, its hard to engage the tiles (sometimes you need to click more than once to select it), there's no time limit & on some boards the tiles move with every match. confused


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